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100 Years of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Film Music (livre en anglais)

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de Randall D. Larson

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When it was published in 1985 by Scarecrow Press, Randall D. Larson's Musique Fantastique: A Survey of Film Music in the Fantastic Cinema was regarded as an important reference work for students and enthusiasts of both film music and fantastic films. The first comprehensive analysis of music in science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, Larson's exhaustive analysis covered the use and techniques of music in these genre films from the silent era and the groundbreaking Golden Age of the '30s and '40s through the rise of electronics and the resurgence of symphonic film music in the late '70s and early '80s. Taking the approach that film music has an especially unique responsibility in these genre films and has achieved significant advances in musical style and form in these genres, Larson examined in detail how music has been used to intensify the filmgoing experience in these types of movies.  Out of print, elusive, and sought after for many years, Creature Features is pleased to announce a wholly re-written, expanded, and updated Second Edition: In this 2nd Edition, Larson expands his in-depth coverage of the subject to the present date (2010), while dynamically increasing the scope of each of the chapters in the 1st Edition. Now totaling more than 1700 pages and featuring a new introduction by film composer Christopher Young, Musique Fantastique, Second Edition will be published in four volumes: Volume 1: Beginnings And The First Golden Age (1900-1959) Volume 2: Post Classical Cinema and Music Beyond Hollywood (The 1960s) Volume 3: The Symphonic Resurgence and the Rise of the Machines (1970-1989) Volume 4: The Turning of a New Millennium (1990-2010) The First Edition has been thoroughly rewritten to include new research, interviews, and access to hundreds of films and soundtracks not available when the first book was written.

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