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Deidre Clancy is one of the most experienced and accomplished costume designers in the business. She gives her inside knowledge of designing for stage and screen, which includes televsion, film, theatre and opera. She includes a brief illustrated history of costume design - from the Greeks to Lady Gaga - which is an invaluable guide for students and current designers. Part Two takes the reader through the design process: how you go about doing it, the different strands of costume design - from contemporary clothes through to period costume and how to communicate with the audience, designing on paper and with Photoshop or on an iPad and how to share and communicate your ides and well as mood boards and collages for inspiration. Part Three of the book is about the world of costume design - what it involves and how to get into the field, who does what and the differences between working for stage and screen productions. Clancy advises on budgets and improvisation and covers all the practicalities and behind-the-scenes tips. Part Four looks at period costume from the Dark Ages up to the twentieth century, encompassing authenticity and feasibility. Finally, Part Five looks at individual case studies in depth, including opera and Shakespeare productions. Packed with great drawings and case studies, this is an essential book for any student or professional costume designer looking for additional inside advice. Whether you are a designer for the stage or screen, this book has something new for you with advice from one of the best in the business.

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