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Background illustrations and scenes from Anime and Manga works (livre en anglais)

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Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World is a celebration of the beauty of the scenes and backgrounds in anime and manga.

This unusual book turns the spotlight exclusively on the scenes and background illustrations. With only a few oridnary characters in these scenes, attention here is focused on the beauty of the illustrated backgrounds.

This first book is a collection of background artworks featuring familiar scenes from daily life: nostalgic townscapes, detailed cityscapes, intricate architecture, rooms that look like doll houses, etc. The illustrations are extremely realistic and detailed - almost like photographs - but at the same time give readers the sense that we are looking at images of a parallel world.

The works featured in this title are by 39 well-known, mostly Japanese creators, illustrators and animators. Some creators featured have made their entire careers specializing in drawing backgrounds. Frequently overlooked, this book finaly gives them the recognition they deserve.

In addition, a section that explains drawing techniques and materials used is included. Profiles of creators with messages from each, descriptions of each creator's techniques and preferred materials are written in both Japanese and English text.

This stunning collection will appeal to all art lovers and is sure to bring creators massive inspiration, too.

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