« Reel Women, Pioneers of the Cinema »

The First Hundred Years - Vol.2: 1960's-2010 (livre en anglais)

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Description de l'ouvrage :
The long awaited, vastly expanded update to the 1990 groundbreaking classic edition used in universities worldwide. Features the pioneering female filmmakers that transformed movies behind the scenes since 1896. A perennial edition. Now in two volumes. Volume I : 1890's - 1950's with a ForeWord by Judith Crist ( Volume II : 1960's - 2010 with a ForeWord by Jeanine Basinger.

Biographie de l'auteur :
New York Author & Filmmaker Ally Acker is the author of "Reel Women: THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS" the ground-breaking herstory of the women who changed the course of cinema since its inception. She is also the author of three collections of poems, the latest, "Some Help from the Dead" released Oct. 2010 from Red Hen Press. Based on Reel Women, Acker directed the 10 Part DVD documentary series, "Filmmakers on Film," featuring interviews with Hollywood's most influential filmmakers. Actress Jodie Foster hosts the interactive CD-ROM based on Reel Women, "Reel Women: The Untold Story" in FLASH format compatible for PC & MAC. For more info, see

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