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Canada, Québec
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Greenwood Press
Reference Guides to the World's Cinema
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This new volume in the Greenwood Press series Reference Guides to the World's Cinema discusses the films and personalities of the Canadian cinema. This guide encompasses the diverse output of both the English and French Canadian communities and includes 175 films and 125 filmmakers and actors. Alphabetically arranged entries discuss important films, actors, directors, shorts, and a number of experimental films. With few exceptions, films are included only if their production company was incorporated in Canada. Similarly, filmmakers and actors represent people who have worked primarily in Canada.

This guide will interest scholars, students, and film buffs. Brief bibliographies after each entry provide sources for further reading. Three appendixes provide additional information regarding Canadian born filmmakers and actors excluded from the main text, winners of Canadian film awards, and a listing of the top ten Canadian films.

Revue de Presse :
This new title in the publisher's Reference Guide to the World's Cinema presents an A-Z look at Canadian cinema, beginning with the 1914 (and now lost) feature-length film Evangeline, based on Longfellow's poem about the expulsion of the Acadians from Canada to Louisiana. Among the entries are brief biographies of Raymond Burr, Colleen Dewhurst, Donald Sutherland, and many others who have made a mark internationally. RBB Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Revue de Presse :
"There is a humble quality in this remarkable reference book, humility towards its subject matter and towards a tradition of historical film research, exemplified for Rist by the work of William Everson (to whom he dedicates the book), and sustained to our benefit by Rist and his collaborators....[v]aluable archival work....[o]ffers much-needed information on Canadian cinema."-Canadian Journal of Film Studies

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