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An Autobiography (livre en anglais)

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RéalisateurKen Russell
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Ken Russell, cinéma anglais, réalisateur, autobiographie
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Southbank Publishing
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Description de l'ouvrage :
This updated autobiography of one of the most controversial film directors, the creative force behind Altered States, The Devils, The Music Lovers, The Rainbow, Tommy, and Women in Love, is as unconventional and brilliant as his best films. Moving with astonishing assurance through time and space, Russell re-creates his life in a series of interconnected episodes—his 1930s childhood in Southampton; his first sexual experience (watching Disney's Pinocchio); his school days at the Nautical College in Pangbourne; early careers in the Merchant Marine and the Royal Air Force; dancing days at the Shepherds Bush Ballet Club; and of course his career as a filmmaker; beginning with an extraordinary interview with Huw Weldon for a job on Monitor. Full of marvelously funny anecdotes and fascinating insights into the realities of the film director's life, A British Picture is a remarkable autobiography.

Biographie de l'auteur :
Ken Russell has made some of the most daring, disturbing, and beautifully photographed films of all time.

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