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A Celebration of the Life And Films of Humphrey Bogart (livre en anglais)

Couverture du livre Bogie par Richard Schickel


de Richard Schickel

ActeurHumphrey Bogart
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Humphrey Bogart, acteur, film noir, photos
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Thomas Dunne
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Description de l'ouvrage :
In the fifty years since his death in 1957 Humphrey Bogart has firmly established his position as one of the iconic figures in the history of cinema, a star of the same magnitude as Monroe, Gable or Chaplin, and the personaification of one of Hollywood's most enduring genres, film noir. In this lavishly illsutrated survey of Bogart's life and work, Richard Schickel assesses his career and enduring legacy while George Perry provides a detailed review of the films he made over three decades, with a particular focus on his key roles. Published with the authorization of the Estate of Humphrey Bogart, this official celebration is a fitting tribute to a much-loved star.

Revue de Presse :
From Publishers Weekly : To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Humphrey Bogart's 1957 death, acclaimed writers Schickel (Brando: A Life In Our Times) and Perry (James Dean) present this illustrated look at one of Hollywood's most lasting icons. Tracing Bogart's life from his well-to-do boyhood through his 20-year film career, this volume covers such highlights as his first films in the 30s, his breakout in 1941's The Maltese Falcon, his Oscar-winning 1951 performance in The African Queen and his last film, 1956's The Harder They Fall, with plenty of space devoted to 1942's Casablance-still regarded by some film enthusiasts as the best picture ever made. Enlivened with more than 200 candid and studio photos-many from the family's private archives and previously unpublished-this "celebration" covers the breadth of Bogart's career admirably, if at times fawningly (especially in son Stephen's foreword). The lengthy appreciation by Schickel, however, is convoluted but critical, taking aim at Bogart's initial lackadaisical approach toward acting and panning some of his earliest work. Likewise, Perry's extensive filmography doesn't flinch, but it occasionally veers into territory already covered by Schickel. A worthy addition to any film buff's library for the photos alone, this should serve as a fine reference.Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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